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Late war, double trouble.

I think that the "Late war" Siemens-vs-Snipe one-on-one scenario is one of the best, so I thougth: why not?
Planes in this scenario: TWO Sopwith Snipe and TWO Siemens-Schuckert D.III/IV.
If you want blood...

Sopwith Snipe

Sopwith Snipe

Siemens-Schuckert D.IV

Siemens-Schuckert D.III
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774141  docmortand, dcr66, higheagle, pokerguy50days 3h
774150  paciodv1, pokerguy, higheagle, dcr6653days 2h
774144  docmortand, arktos, paciodv1, dcr6656days 2h
774155  higheagle, dcr66, brewk001, paciodv158days
774149  paciodv1, higheagle, pokerguy, arktos58days 16h
774145  higheagle, docmortand, paciodv1, TXWard60days
774163  pokerguy, higheagle, docmortand, TXWard60days
774146  higheagle, paciodv1, docmortand, brewk00162days 5h
774142  docmortand, higheagle, dcr66, arktos63days 13h
774160  TXWard, higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy64days 10h
774156  pokerguy, docmortand, arktos, paciodv165days 2h
774140  dcr66, TXWard, higheagle, brewk00165days 20h
774151  docmortand, brewk001, arktos, higheagle68days 11h
774158  TXWard, arktos, pokerguy, higheagle68days 19h
774138  dcr66, docmortand, brewk001, TXWard69days
774154  pokerguy, TXWard, paciodv1, docmortand69days
774137  dcr66, brewk001, docmortand, paciodv169days 14h
774148  higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy, docmortand69days 14h
774147  dcr66, arktos, TXWard, docmortand70days 2h
774165  brewk001, arktos, dcr66, higheagle70days 7h
774139  arktos, pokerguy, paciodv1, brewk00171days
774157  TXWard, pokerguy, arktos, dcr6671days 2h
774153  pokerguy, paciodv1, TXWard, brewk00171days 2h
774143  brewk001, TXWard, pokerguy, dcr6671days 11h
774161  arktos, TXWard, brewk001, docmortand71days 17h
774166  brewk001, dcr66, arktos, pokerguy72days
774164  arktos, paciodv1, dcr66, TXWard74days
774136  brewk001, pokerguy, docmortand, arktos74days 15h
774162  arktos, brewk001, TXWard, paciodv174days 20h
774167  TXWard, paciodv1, higheagle, arktos76days 3h
774152  paciodv1, dcr66, TXWard, higheagle76days 19h
774159  paciodv1, docmortand, dcr66, pokerguy78days 1h
771101 MessereSmith, bkbb214, Cuelebre, S7EVEN153days 17h
769707 MessereSmith, Dodo1, Cattivonci, Dominion170days 9h
770297 ratpfink, MessereSmith, chef62, S7EVEN173days 10h
764915 SopwithGabri, Jordas, TXWard, SlotraceDK328days 16h
764798 SopwithGabri, Jordas, chef62, 14bis334days 15h
761274 vonhilter, Halberstadt, MessereSmith, HarrisTweed1year 65days
761137 vonhilter, Regis, MessereSmith, pokerguy1year 70days
760018 vonhilter, caublbil, mjk1964, chef621year 98days
758092  Mongoose, GraysGhost, mvrichthofen, Troll1year 119days
759553 Schlen, rob123, Sam123456, Neutrino1231year 121days
757978  Sgancio, RedPaps, vonhilter, dyeeles1year 126days
758104  Troll, Spinal-Tap, TXWard, docmortand1year 126days
757987  brewk001, dyeeles, vonhilter, RedPaps1year 128days
757971  paciodv1, RedPaps, Mongoose, dyeeles1year 130days
757989  brewk001, RedPaps, GraysGhost, vonhilter1year 130days
758090  clarence, Troll, Spinal-Tap, docmortand1year 130days
758107  Troll, Mongoose, clarence, Spinal-Tap1year 130days
757981  Sgancio, Mongoose, brewk001, RedPaps1year 130days
757973  paciodv1, dyeeles, Sgancio, Mongoose1year 130days
758105  Troll, TXWard, Spinal-Tap, Mongoose1year 131days
757985  vonhilter, paciodv1, dyeeles, Sgancio1year 132days
758111  TXWard, mvrichthofen, docmortand, Troll1year 134days
758106  mvrichthofen, GraysGhost, docmortand, Spinal-Tap1year 135days
757986  brewk001, vonhilter, dyeeles, Mongoose1year 135days
758100  Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen, Troll, clarence1year 135days
758101  Spinal-Tap, Troll, mvrichthofen, GraysGhost1year 135days
758099  mvrichthofen, docmortand, Troll, Mongoose1year 136days
758112  clarence, TXWard, docmortand, Mongoose1year 136days
758412 GregK, Michidisperso, spaceghostx9, mjk19641year 136days
758102  Mongoose, docmortand, clarence, mvrichthofen1year 137days
757965  GraysGhost, vonhilter, paciodv1, dyeeles1year 137days
758091  GraysGhost, TXWard, mvrichthofen, docmortand1year 138days
758117  docmortand, GraysGhost, clarence, Troll1year 138days
758109  TXWard, clarence, Troll, mvrichthofen1year 138days
758114  Troll, mvrichthofen, Mongoose, TXWard1year 138days
757963  GraysGhost, Mongoose, dyeeles, vonhilter1year 138days
758087  docmortand, Troll, Mongoose, clarence1year 138days
757962  GraysGhost, dyeeles, Mongoose, RedPaps1year 138days
757967  Mongoose, paciodv1, GraysGhost, brewk0011year 139days
758094  docmortand, TXWard, Troll, GraysGhost1year 139days
758110  Spinal-Tap, Mongoose, GraysGhost, Troll1year 140days
757969  Mongoose, brewk001, RedPaps, GraysGhost1year 140days
758097  mvrichthofen, Spinal-Tap, Mongoose, docmortand1year 140days
757988  Sgancio, paciodv1, Mongoose, vonhilter1year 140days
758089  GraysGhost, Mongoose, docmortand, TXWard1year 141days
758113  clarence, docmortand, TXWard, Spinal-Tap1year 141days
757975  RedPaps, Sgancio, paciodv1, GraysGhost1year 141days
758116  docmortand, clarence, GraysGhost, mvrichthofen1year 141days
757991  dyeeles, GraysGhost, brewk001, Sgancio1year 141days
757977  RedPaps, GraysGhost, vonhilter, paciodv11year 142days
757961  dyeeles, Sgancio, Mongoose, brewk0011year 143days
758093  Mongoose, mvrichthofen, GraysGhost, clarence1year 143days
758108  TXWard, Troll, clarence, GraysGhost1year 144days
757984  RedPaps, Mongoose, GraysGhost, Sgancio1year 144days
758088  GraysGhost, docmortand, Mongoose, Spinal-Tap1year 144days
757974  RedPaps, paciodv1, Sgancio, brewk0011year 145days
758103  Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, TXWard, mvrichthofen1year 145days
757990  dyeeles, brewk001, GraysGhost, paciodv11year 145days
757992  vonhilter, RedPaps, paciodv1, brewk0011year 145days
757966  Mongoose, GraysGhost, paciodv1, [Sgancio]1year 146days
758096  mvrichthofen, Mongoose, Spinal-Tap, TXWard1year 146days
757976  Mongoose, dyeeles, brewk001, paciodv11year 147days
757979  [Sgancio], vonhilter, RedPaps, Mongoose1year 147days
757970  paciodv1, Mongoose, RedPaps, vonhilter1year 147days
758098  GraysGhost, clarence, TXWard, Mongoose1year 148days
757964  brewk001, [Sgancio], [RedPaps], dyeeles1year 148days
758118  TXWard, Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen, clarence1year 148days
757968  dyeeles, vonhilter, Sgancio, GraysGhost1year 148days
758095  Mongoose, clarence, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost1year 149days
757982  vonhilter, Sgancio, brewk001, GraysGhost1year 151days
757972  GraysGhost, brewk001, vonhilter, Mongoose1year 152days
757983  vonhilter, brewk001, Sgancio, paciodv11year 152days
758115  clarence, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, TXWard1year 153days
757980  paciodv1, GraysGhost, dyeeles, RedPaps1year 153days
755920  Christie, docmortand, ChandlerB, wheelnut1year 168days
755934  Mongoose, Christie, wheelnut, Grosnounou1year 173days
755927  Grosnounou, docmortand, Mongoose, wheelnut1year 175days
756739 vonhilter, huscarl127, MessereSmith, Troll1year 175days
755944  brewk001, ChandlerB, wheelnut, Mongoose1year 176days
755919  Christie, ChandlerB, docmortand, Mongoose1year 176days
755943  brewk001, wheelnut, ChandlerB, docmortand1year 178days
755948  ChandlerB, Christie, brewk001, paciodv11year 178days
755939  wheelnut, paciodv1, brewk001, Christie1year 179days
755933  docmortand, ChandlerB, brewk001, Grosnounou1year 181days
755937  Grosnounou, Christie, ChandlerB, Mongoose1year 181days
755938  paciodv1, docmortand, brewk001, Mongoose1year 182days
755947  ChandlerB, brewk001, Christie, Grosnounou1year 185days
755928  Grosnounou, Mongoose, docmortand, ChandlerB1year 185days
755923  docmortand, Christie, Grosnounou, paciodv11year 186days
755815 vonhilter, Viridovix, mjk1964, spaceghostx91year 187days
755946  brewk001, Mongoose, Christie, wheelnut1year 187days
755945  paciodv1, Grosnounou, docmortand, wheelnut1year 187days
755949  wheelnut, Mongoose, Grosnounou, brewk0011year 188days
755918  ChandlerB, paciodv1, [docmortand], brewk0011year 189days
756602 Neutrino123, Schlen, Sam123456, rob1231year 189days
755921  brewk001, paciodv1, Mongoose, ChandlerB1year 189days
755935  paciodv1, Mongoose, wheelnut, ChandlerB1year 190days
755930  Grosnounou, ChandlerB, paciodv1, docmortand1year 190days
755936  paciodv1, wheelnut, Mongoose, docmortand1year 191days
755922  Christie, wheelnut, Grosnounou, ChandlerB1year 192days
755942  wheelnut, [Grosnounou], ChandlerB, paciodv11year 193days
755931  Mongoose, [Grosnounou], paciodv1, brewk0011year 193days
755926  docmortand, brewk001, Mongoose, Christie1year 194days
755925  ChandlerB, wheelnut, paciodv1, Christie1year 194days
755924  docmortand, Grosnounou, Christie, brewk0011year 195days
755940  wheelnut, brewk001, paciodv1, Grosnounou1year 198days
755932  Mongoose, paciodv1, Grosnounou, Christie1year 198days
755941  Mongoose, docmortand, Christie, paciodv11year 200days
755929  Christie, brewk001, wheelnut, docmortand1year 201days
755204 pokerguy, Mongoose, GraysGhost, Christie1year 212days
751029 pokerguy, cybrt54, SmurfvonBlue, Seahawker1year 250days
746463 vonhilter, [FAZER], Jason82, Sarmata1year 254days
751659 RaDiSH, Replicante, paciodv1, Peternautico1year 275days
750156 Hollander, Aredel, Farmboy, Galen1year 301days
748000 Lucky_Luke, Dutch_Schultz, gippo, Joe D.1year 348days
745325 vonhilter, Viridovix, Morrigan31, Jason822years 30days
744642 vonhilter, JackSparrow, Jason82, 94th OVI2years 46days
743420 vonhilter, SLOTerp, malek, Spandau2years 65days
740240 Spankh0us3, redwom, rolive1, Azzarc2years 107days
738257  Mongoose, CraigMeister, newstew, M1kel2years 130days
738252  CraigMeister, paciodv1, newstew, Lidtsentude2years 133days
738262  newstew, morgh, paciodv1, CraigMeister2years 135days
738275  CraigMeister, Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap, newstew2years 136days
738260  M1kel, CraigMeister, Spinal-Tap, Mongoose2years 136days
738251  M1kel, Mongoose, Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap2years 137days
738269  paciodv1, Mongoose, CraigMeister, newstew2years 137days
738266  paciodv1, newstew, Spinal-Tap, Lidtsentude2years 138days
738267  paciodv1, Spinal-Tap, newstew, Mongoose2years 138days
738258  morgh, Mongoose, newstew, Spinal-Tap2years 138days
738255  Mongoose, morgh, M1kel, CraigMeister2years 138days
738278  Lidtsentude, CraigMeister, M1kel, morgh2years 138days
738272  newstew, Mongoose, M1kel, paciodv12years 139days
738256  Lidtsentude, Spinal-Tap, paciodv1, M1kel2years 139days
738280  Spinal-Tap, newstew, morgh, CraigMeister2years 139days
738261  morgh, Lidtsentude, paciodv1, Mongoose2years 139days
738279  Lidtsentude, M1kel, CraigMeister, paciodv12years 139days
738273  Spinal-Tap, morgh, Lidtsentude, paciodv12years 139days
738249  Lidtsentude, paciodv1, Mongoose, CraigMeister2years 140days
738274  CraigMeister, Spinal-Tap, Lidtsentude, Mongoose2years 140days
738250  M1kel, Lidtsentude, Mongoose, newstew2years 140days
738259  morgh, newstew, Mongoose, Lidtsentude2years 140days
738270  Spinal-Tap, paciodv1, CraigMeister, M1kel2years 141days
738277  CraigMeister, newstew, M1kel, Spinal-Tap2years 141days
738264  Mongoose, Lidtsentude, CraigMeister, morgh2years 142days
738253  M1kel, Spinal-Tap, morgh, Lidtsentude2years 142days
738276  paciodv1, morgh, Mongoose, Spinal-Tap2years 142days
738265  newstew, M1kel, Spinal-Tap, morgh2years 143days
738271  Spinal-Tap, CraigMeister, paciodv1, morgh2years 143days
738263  newstew, paciodv1, morgh, M1kel2years 144days
738268  morgh, M1kel, Lidtsentude, newstew2years 144days
738254  Mongoose, M1kel, morgh, paciodv12years 144days
736622 sajami, gatoamr, chef62, ginormousbones2years 167days
732113 Vildarin, FormatC, [ZNUTAR], pokerguy2years 212days
732279  Gabriel Guerin, dcr66, Mongoose, paciodv12years 218days
732277  Christie, paciodv1, Morrigan31, corbell2years 219days
732287  Morrigan31, Mongoose, paciodv1, Christie2years 220days
732276  dcr66, Gabriel Guerin, corbell, Viridovix2years 220days
732286  Mongoose, corbell, paciodv1, Gabriel Guerin2years 221days
732297  Morrigan31, Gabriel Guerin, dcr66, paciodv12years 221days
732283  Mongoose, Gabriel Guerin, Morrigan31, Viridovix2years 222days
732298  Viridovix, Mongoose, corbell, paciodv12years 222days
732295  Viridovix, paciodv1, Christie, dcr662years 222days
732281  corbell, Viridovix, paciodv1, dcr662years 222days
732282  Gabriel Guerin, Christie, Morrigan31, dcr662years 222days
732275  dcr66, corbell, Gabriel Guerin, Morrigan312years 222days
732300  Christie, corbell, Viridovix, Morrigan312years 222days
732302  Christie, Morrigan31, dcr66, Viridovix2years 222days
732288  Morrigan31, paciodv1, Mongoose, dcr662years 223days
732294  paciodv1, Gabriel Guerin, Christie, Morrigan312years 223days
732292  paciodv1, Viridovix, Morrigan31, Gabriel Guerin2years 223days
732291  paciodv1, Morrigan31, Viridovix, corbell2years 223days
732285  dcr66, Christie, Viridovix, Gabriel Guerin2years 223days
732301  paciodv1, Mongoose, Gabriel Guerin, Viridovix2years 223days
732305  Viridovix, Morrigan31, Mongoose, Christie2years 223days
732280  Gabriel Guerin, Mongoose, dcr66, Christie2years 224days
732274  corbell, paciodv1, Gabriel Guerin, Christie2years 224days
732278  dcr66, Viridovix, Mongoose, corbell2years 224days
732284  Mongoose, Morrigan31, Gabriel Guerin, corbell2years 224days
732304  corbell, dcr66, Christie, paciodv12years 224days
732303  corbell, Christie, dcr66, Mongoose2years 224days
732299  Christie, Viridovix, corbell, Gabriel Guerin2years 225days
732289  Gabriel Guerin, corbell, Christie, Mongoose2years 226days
732296  Viridovix, Christie, paciodv1, Mongoose2years 226days
732290  Morrigan31, dcr66, Viridovix, Mongoose2years 227days
732293  Mongoose, dcr66, corbell, Morrigan312years 228days
731843 Wertzz, wiggervoss, chef62, CaptVimes2years 229days
725378  Silvara, Mongoose, GraysGhost, [brewk001]2years 234days
725372  [brewk001], Silvara, Christie, docmortand2years 235days
731505 BobLittle, frogg, VonTotenFlieger, chef622years 240days
728749  dcr66, TnT, Steadman, JPortman2years 255days
728750  newstew, CraigMeister, pokerguy, [JPortman]2years 263days
728761  paciodv1, [JPortman], dcr66, pokerguy2years 263days
728758  pokerguy, [JPortman], TnT, paciodv12years 263days
728744  JPortman, newstew, dcr66, TnT2years 267days
728769  Steadman, paciodv1, newstew, TnT2years 267days
728763  TnT, Steadman, CraigMeister, [JPortman]2years 269days
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