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Britfits and Albatros D.III

Planes in this scenario: 2 Bristol F.2B vs. 2 Albatros D.III.

Bristol F.2B

Bristol F.2B

Albatros D.III

Albatros D.III
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789596 samler, Dodo1, chef62, newstew113days 14h
786725 pozze17, Mordermi, cybrt54, pavepilot190days 23h
784022 CiscoCischetti, scotireb, Blackronin, chef62247days 4h
781104 Morrigan31, mjk1964, Viridovix, wiggervoss326days 4h
781507 sdelcia, Dodo1, mommsen, cybrt54335days 13h
776659 rvguegn, TCArknight, pavepilot, MessereSmith1year 103days
774295 Asmodeus, Mordermi, wiggervoss, Leatherneck1year 119days
775440 galadang, catoblepa, rshivy, woebie1year 139days
773904 galadang, TwoTi, catoblepa, cybrt541year 163days
773406 Zeewulf, galadang, Varrogep, 1214Souljah1year 184days
760771 vonhilter, Dodo1, ivanhawk, MessereSmith2years 166days
760567 shermanguy, cybrt54, MessereSmith, Blune2years 175days
757110 GregK, Mordermi, chef62, Aumbob2years 238days
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