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Britfits and Albatros D.III

Planes in this scenario: 2 Bristol F.2B vs. 2 Albatros D.III.

Bristol F.2B

Bristol F.2B

Albatros D.III

Albatros D.III
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774295 Asmodeus, Mordermi, wiggervoss, Leatherneck2days 18h
775440 galadang, catoblepa, rshivy, woebie22days 14h
773904 galadang, TwoTi, catoblepa, cybrt5446days 10h
773406 Zeewulf, galadang, Varrogep, 1214Souljah67days 14h
760771 vonhilter, Dodo1, ivanhawk, MessereSmith1year 48days
760567 shermanguy, cybrt54, MessereSmith, Blune1year 58days
757110 GregK, Mordermi, chef62, Aumbob1year 121days
754048 TopoGun, TXWard, Lonehawk, chef621year 207days
754049 Lonehawk, TopoGun, chef62, JustGary1year 210days
746864 Pandolo, scotireb, chef62, Gabriel Guerin1year 346days
737968 Jason82, FAZER, onur373, chef622years 110days
737081 sajami, gatoamr, FAZER, chef622years 133days
736626 sajami, gatoamr, chef62, Jason822years 137days
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