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Runners V Dancers (Se5a)

Planes in this scenario: Pfalz D. IIIa, S.E.5a, S.E.5a, Fokker Dr. I,


Pfalz D. IIIa


Fokker Dr. I
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770471 rel0094, Dodo1, [monkey10405], MessereSmith320days 21h
759645 tasdevil, phlictid, RogerDodger, DarknessEternal1year 267days
759088 GregK, CptnBuckSavage, Smurfacus, Aumbob1year 310days
738709  Nasone, higheagle, mjk1964, scotireb2years 291days
738690  higheagle, Mongoose, wheelnut, docmortand2years 292days
738694  mjk1964, Nasone, archdukecharles, higheagle2years 294days
738712  archdukecharles, wheelnut, docmortand, Nasone2years 295days
738688  higheagle, docmortand, mjk1964, wheelnut2years 295days
738714  archdukecharles, higheagle, Nasone, wheelnut2years 299days
738717  wheelnut, Mongoose, Nasone, archdukecharles2years 300days
738696  Mongoose, mjk1964, Nasone, docmortand2years 301days
738698  Mongoose, scotireb, docmortand, mjk19642years 302days
738716  docmortand, archdukecharles, higheagle, scotireb2years 303days
738706  scotireb, archdukecharles, mjk1964, Nasone2years 303days
738689  archdukecharles, Nasone, scotireb, docmortand2years 304days
738687  higheagle, mjk1964, docmortand, Nasone2years 304days
738707  wheelnut, archdukecharles, scotireb, higheagle2years 304days
738699  Nasone, scotireb, Mongoose, archdukecharles2years 304days
738686  docmortand, mjk1964, scotireb, archdukecharles2years 305days
738703  scotireb, wheelnut, Nasone, docmortand2years 305days
738704  scotireb, Nasone, wheelnut, mjk19642years 305days
738701  mjk1964, archdukecharles, docmortand, Mongoose2years 306days
738710  wheelnut, docmortand, Mongoose, scotireb2years 307days
738715  docmortand, higheagle, archdukecharles, Mongoose2years 307days
738693  docmortand, scotireb, wheelnut, higheagle2years 307days
738711  archdukecharles, docmortand, wheelnut, mjk19642years 309days
738691  mjk1964, Mongoose, higheagle, scotireb2years 309days
738702  Nasone, wheelnut, higheagle, Mongoose2years 310days
738697  higheagle, wheelnut, archdukecharles, mjk19642years 310days
738713  scotireb, mjk1964, Mongoose, wheelnut2years 310days
738695  Mongoose, Nasone, mjk1964, wheelnut2years 310days
738700  Nasone, Mongoose, scotireb, higheagle2years 311days
738705  Mongoose, docmortand, higheagle, Nasone2years 311days
738708  wheelnut, scotireb, archdukecharles, Mongoose2years 311days
738692  mjk1964, higheagle, Mongoose, archdukecharles2years 316days
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