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SE5a vs Pfalz D XII

Idea by clarence. Planes in this scenario: 2 S.E.5a, 2 Pfalz D. XII.



Pfalz D. XII

Pfalz D. XII
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774949 MessereSmith, spiller63, clarence, Scratch20027days 7h
774948 spiller63, rikiroket, clarence, MessereSmith22days 17h
774950 clarence, Scratch2002, MessereSmith, spiller6324days 20h
774951 clarence, MessereSmith, spiller63, rikiroket43days 15h
770889 Freeman83, MessereSmith, bkbb214, Bluestone28150days 23h
767662 vonhilter, bkbb214, clarence, MessereSmith217days 15h
767904 deadline, wiggervoss, catoblepa, bkbb214231days 22h
767661 clarence, MessereSmith, vonhilter, bkbb214238days 20h
767062 sunttu, wiggervoss, bkbb214, Duckfoot248days 8h
765210 clarence, cybrt54, Lobster24, gbslate258days 20h
765211 clarence, Lobster24, cybrt54, wiggervoss259days 16h
767023 Seahawker, MessereSmith, bkbb214, California_Kid267days 15h
766031 rel0094, wiggervoss, bkbb214, Lorduru281days 11h
765208 VonTotenFlieger, Jordas, clarence, MessereSmith288days 23h
765209 MessereSmith, cybrt54, clarence, Lobster24296days 14h
760727 rshivy, RedBiscuit, clarence, cybrt541year 57days
760729 clarence, RedBiscuit, cybrt54, DarknessEternal1year 60days
760730 clarence, cybrt54, RedBiscuit, vonhilter1year 64days
759187 VonTotenFlieger, Dominion, clarence, [Seahawker]1year 67days
760728 RedBiscuit, cybrt54, clarence, rshivy1year 71days
759188 diablebleu_fir, scotireb, clarence, Seahawker1year 90days
759185 clarence, Seahawker, VonTotenFlieger, arktos1year 91days
760107 mjk1964, cybrt54, Keithandor, Lobster241year 92days
760397 Schlen, rob123, Sam123456, Neutrino1231year 97days
759186 clarence, Seahawker, VonTotenFlieger, arktos1year 98days
759199 GregK, vonhilter, otto_06, Lonehawk1year 116days
757453 clarence, caublbil, VonTotenFlieger, vonhilter1year 140days
757452 clarence, VonTotenFlieger, caublbil, vonhilter1year 147days
757455 spaceghostx9, vonhilter, clarence, caublbil1year 153days
757454 caublbil, vonhilter, clarence, spaceghostx91year 160days
756216 clarence, RogerDodger, vonhilter, knrodgers1year 162days
756218 Morrigan31, knrodgers, clarence, vonhilter1year 169days
756948 VFCBaxter, Garryowen, MessereSmith, blackrad1year 172days
756219 vonhilter, spaceghostx9, clarence, Gardensnake1year 174days
755021 Balthain, Gabriel Guerin, clarence, MessereSmith1year 181days
756217 clarence, vonhilter, spaceghostx9, Gardensnake1year 182days
755020 clarence, Balthain, teramaze, Gabriel Guerin1year 201days
753077 frogg, Hollander, clarence, Replicante1year 226days
753076 clarence, Replicante, TopoGun, OttoVB1year 243days
751188 clarence, cybrt54, OttoVB, DarknessEternal1year 265days
751187 VFCBaxter, cybrt54, clarence, OttoVB1year 277days
746134 clarence, scotireb, vonhilter, Jason821year 362days
746133 Spankh0us3, scotireb, clarence, vonhilter2years 10days
746132 clarence, Spankh0us3, vonhilter, scotireb2years 10days
746135 scotireb, Jason82, clarence, vonhilter2years 19days
744163 clarence, vonhilter, viking62, cybrt542years 27days
744164 Spandau, VFCBaxter, clarence, vonhilter2years 41days
744162 Jason82, vonhilter, clarence, Spandau2years 42days
741766 il_doge, mvrichthofen, clarence, Grollash2years 44days
741767 il_doge, Morrigan31, clarence, Grollash2years 46days
744161 clarence, Spandau, Jason82, FredTGZ2years 53days
743787 FredTGZ, markrendl, SlotraceDK, golfguy19782years 57days
741765 clarence, mvrichthofen, Morrigan31, Grollash2years 76days
737419 [tokitang], Gabriel Guerin, clarence, ginormousbones2years 86days
741764 clarence, Jason82, Morrigan31, Cayetano6662years 91days
737418 [tokitang], 94th OVI, clarence, Gabriel Guerin2years 107days
738653 wiggervoss, Jason82, clarence, cjcafiero2years 107days
740209 Gyrene251, cloudybear, Aumbob, TumblingYak2years 114days
738652 wiggervoss, markrendl, clarence, Aumbob2years 121days
737417 clarence, Gyrene251, ginormousbones, [tokitang]2years 126days
738651 clarence, VonTotenFlieger, Jason82, Gabriel Guerin2years 127days
737874 Dominion, ginormousbones, Jason82, SgtTodd2years 133days
738650 clarence, wiggervoss, VonTotenFlieger, SgtTodd2years 135days
735479 wiggervoss, cybrt54, clarence, magpie2years 156days
735477 clarence, cybrt54, wiggervoss, Jason822years 161days
735478 wiggervoss, N17Masta, clarence, cybrt542years 168days
732468 clarence, markrendl, Osgard, Dominion2years 177days
735476 clarence, Jason82, cybrt54, wiggervoss2years 179days
733102 Gyrene251, viking62, clarence, [Vargr1105]2years 181days
733104 clarence, shermanguy, marcus-arilus, Elder_Dragon2years 188days
731955 litehoof, dwg, Dominion, Pooka2years 193days
733103 clarence, Elder_Dragon, shermanguy, marcus-arilus2years 197days
733101 viking62, Gabriel Guerin, clarence, Gyrene2512years 203days
731348 litehoof, [ZNUTAR], clarence, _tak_tak_tak_2years 212days
731345 clarence, litehoof, [ZNUTAR], Osgard2years 214days
729290 Conan, [samsonavion], clarence, dougielb2years 215days
732470 Osgard, Sarmata, clarence, Vargr11052years 216days
732471 Sarmata, Vildarin, clarence, Osgard2years 221days
731347 _tak_tak_tak_, ZNUTAR, clarence, litehoof2years 222days
732469 clarence, Osgard, Balordo, Gabriel Guerin2years 222days
731346 clarence, markrendl, litehoof, _tak_tak_tak_2years 223days
729289 clarence, Sabelkatten, Conan, [samsonavion]2years 245days
729291 Conan, [Haxmastaren], clarence, Sarmata2years 246days
729288 clarence, markrendl, jimdove, Conan2years 265days
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