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774550 M1kel, Korba, _tak_tak_tak_, barea1813, IvanGrozny, calducho76, Electro, SBGrad1day 18h
775272 Galland, [life1969]6days 7h
776236 dbd31463, rocknroller998days 11h
773073 SlotraceDK, rocknroller99, M1kel, GrapeShooter2, Brier, donjuan, Lidtsentude, scorpiorocks14days 12h
775535 KapteinKnutsen, Galland15days 3h
773828 ARFERMIX, dcr66, Balordo, Lidtsentude, Brier, derekticus, bkbb214, Dominion15days 22h
772790 _tak_tak_tak_, Lidtsentude, donjuan, neelorath, SlotraceDK, rocknroller99, Shiraz68, Crixus34days 18h
771110 Shiraz68, SBGrad, Dominion, calducho76, ElCaiman, neelorath, bkbb214, M1kel38days 9h
772787 Lidtsentude, rocknroller99, SlotraceDK, donjuan48days 20h
772105  dkalenda, [taurusdeth], Swanto, Dominion56days 7h
772113  Spinal-Tap, 14bis, Vezna, Swanto66days 5h
772088  dkalenda, 14bis, Dominion, Spinal-Tap73days 22h
772087  Spinal-Tap, [taurusdeth], Dominion, dkalenda77days 20h
773093 Swanto, derekticus78days 17h
772109  Dominion, Vezna, [taurusdeth], Spinal-Tap79days 5h
772093  Vezna, Dominion, dkalenda, 14bis79days 7h
772108  Vezna, Swanto, 14bis, Balordo81days 4h
772110  dkalenda, Vezna, 14bis, Swanto81days 8h
772094  [taurusdeth], Dominion, Spinal-Tap, Balordo81days 22h
772083  Dominion, Swanto, dkalenda, Balordo82days 2h
772096  Spinal-Tap, dkalenda, Swanto, [taurusdeth]85days 11h
772102  14bis, Swanto, [taurusdeth], Dominion85days 12h
772082  Dominion, 14bis, Balordo, taurusdeth85days 12h
772084  Balordo, Vezna, dkalenda, Dominion85days 19h
772101  Balordo, Swanto, Spinal-Tap, dkalenda85days 23h
772085  Swanto, Balordo, 14bis, [taurusdeth]86days 1h
772090  Swanto, dkalenda, Dominion, 14bis86days 5h
772100  Swanto, Dominion, taurusdeth, Vezna86days 5h
772107  Balordo, Dominion, 14bis, Vezna88days 3h
772106  Balordo, taurusdeth, Vezna, Spinal-Tap88days 23h
772091  Swanto, Vezna, Spinal-Tap, Dominion90days 21h
772092  Dominion, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, Swanto91days 19h
772112  14bis, taurusdeth, Balordo, dkalenda93days 6h
772099  Vezna, Balordo, taurusdeth, Swanto93days 6h
772097  14bis, Spinal-Tap, Dominion, Balordo93days 12h
772086  Spinal-Tap, Balordo, dkalenda, Vezna95days 3h
772104  taurusdeth, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, 14bis95days 9h
772098  Vezna, Spinal-Tap, Swanto, dkalenda96days 23h
772111  dkalenda, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, 14bis99days 1h
772095  taurusdeth, 14bis, Swanto, Spinal-Tap99days 5h
772089  taurusdeth, dkalenda, Balordo, Vezna102days 2h
772103  14bis, dkalenda, Vezna, taurusdeth102days 4h
771092 fantassin, kingpri123days 20h
770265 rsimcox, keelhaul23131days 12h
770176 derekticus, argeleb, scorpiorocks, dcr66139days 4h
767644 rocknroller99, Panzerpod, [cannonfodder], neelorath, TaomanTom, jhrobin2, bkbb214, Lobster24141days 7h
768964  Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_149days 12h
769007  _tak_tak_tak_, [Vezna]153days 4h
768993  _tak_tak_tak_, [dkalenda]153days 4h
769010  buddy1, Vezna162days 1h
768996  buddy1, dkalenda165days
768962  dkalenda, _tak_tak_tak_166days 1h
768994  14bis, dkalenda166days 22h
768958  14bis, _tak_tak_tak_167days 19h
768963  Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_168days 22h
769008  14bis, Vezna168days 22h
768992  Vezna, dcr66169days 3h
769011  dcr66, Vezna169days 3h
768998  Spinal-Tap, dkalenda169days 10h
768985  Vezna, buddy1169days 11h
768997  dcr66, dkalenda170days 20h
768982  dcr66, buddy1170days 21h
768971  Vezna, 14bis171days 1h
769013  Spinal-Tap, Vezna171days 2h
769001  14bis, Spinal-Tap171days 10h
769005  dkalenda, Spinal-Tap172days
768983  dkalenda, buddy1172days 2h
768969  dkalenda, 14bis172days 7h
769006  Vezna, Spinal-Tap172days 21h
768980  14bis, buddy1174days 10h
769000  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap175days 20h
768968  dcr66, 14bis176days 20h
769004  dcr66, Spinal-Tap176days 20h
768984  Spinal-Tap, buddy1177days 1h
768990  dkalenda, dcr66177days 2h
768987  14bis, dcr66177days 3h
768989  buddy1, dcr66177days 9h
768960  buddy1, _tak_tak_tak_177days 13h
768970  Spinal-Tap, 14bis178days 17h
768995  Balordo, dkalenda178days 22h
769003  buddy1, Spinal-Tap178days 23h
769009  Balordo, Vezna179days 8h
768976  dkalenda, Balordo179days 8h
768967  buddy1, 14bis179days 21h
768966  Balordo, 14bis179days 23h
768961  dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_180days 4h
768965  _tak_tak_tak_, 14bis180days 5h
768979  _tak_tak_tak_, buddy1180days 11h
768999  Vezna, dkalenda180days 21h
769012  dkalenda, Vezna180days 21h
768986  _tak_tak_tak_, dcr66181days 3h
768973  14bis, Balordo181days 5h
768978  Vezna, Balordo181days 7h
768974  buddy1, Balordo182days 1h
768959  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_182days 19h
768972  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo182days 21h
769002  Balordo, Spinal-Tap184days 2h
768981  Balordo, buddy1184days 4h
768977  Spinal-Tap, Balordo184days 4h
768991  Spinal-Tap, dcr66184days 18h
768988  Balordo, dcr66184days 19h
768975  dcr66, Balordo184days 22h
766300 Lidtsentude, rocknroller99, Dominion, mkiever, bkbb214, tvanhare, Electro, donjuan194days 1h
764958 Gardensnake, Waffen, 14bis, Panzerpod204days 9h
767027 rocknroller99, bkbb214, mkiever, tvanhare217days 22h
767600 scotireb, SComtesse219days 1h
766460 Balordo, rocknroller99252days 18h
766170 Swanto, life1969261days 23h
766032 derekticus, rel0094262days 8h
766040 KapteinKnutsen, scotireb274days 4h
765845 KapteinKnutsen, life1969276days 6h
765049 derekticus, 14bis280days 14h
765048 Dominion, 14bis289days 19h
764957 KapteinKnutsen, argeleb292days 10h
763256 Swanto, Calxx55341days 19h
762547 Waffen, life1969344days 16h
760390 [cannonfodder], derekticus1year 6days
757145 KapteinKnutsen, [SirLindsley], Longneck, derekticus, jadthegrey, georgekatkins, bbauska, SLOTerp1year 27days
761357 Swanto, rocknroller991year 36days
760625 Blune, Balordo, Shiraz68, Bluestone281year 50days
761133 Balordo, argeleb1year 52days
760556 KapteinKnutsen, [life1969]1year 54days
760602 derekticus, Panzerpod1year 55days
760328 Swanto, derekticus1year 56days
760327 SBGrad, derekticus, Panzerpod, rocknroller991year 59days
757146 jadthegrey, georgekatkins, bbauska, SLOTerp, KapteinKnutsen, SirLindsley, Longneck, derekticus1year 76days
756440  Dominion, derekticus1year 79days
756447  derekticus, Dominion1year 79days
759466 Jrgman33, Azzarc1year 81days
759697 Balordo, life19691year 88days
759194 Waffen, HagenvTronje, archdukecharles, Swanto1year 93days
758084 Waffen, life19691year 113days
756463  Lidtsentude, [yzerdunn]1year 119days
756449  [yzerdunn], Dominion1year 120days
756456  [yzerdunn], Lidtsentude1year 121days
756457  _tak_tak_tak_, [yzerdunn]1year 122days
756413  Lidtsentude, _tak_tak_tak_1year 126days
756442  yzerdunn, derekticus1year 134days
756441  Lidtsentude, derekticus1year 134days
756583 buddy1, SBGrad, Garryowen, HagenvTronje, Lobster24, Waffen, Zwalf, Balordo1year 137days
756428  yzerdunn, buddy11year 137days
756411  derekticus, _tak_tak_tak_1year 138days
755962 derekticus, cannonfodder, Waffen, Garryowen1year 141days
756454  derekticus, Lidtsentude1year 142days
756425  derekticus, buddy11year 143days
756461  derekticus, yzerdunn1year 144days
756460  [corbell], yzerdunn1year 144days
756436  _tak_tak_tak_, derekticus1year 144days
756438  buddy1, derekticus1year 145days
756418  derekticus, Balordo1year 145days
756434  Lidtsentude, [corbell]1year 145days
756453  [corbell], Lidtsentude1year 145days
756439  [corbell], derekticus1year 146days
756432  derekticus, [corbell]1year 146days
756429  _tak_tak_tak_, [corbell]1year 147days
756435  yzerdunn, [corbell]1year 147days
756431  buddy1, [corbell]1year 147days
756433  Dominion, [corbell]1year 147days
756446  [corbell], Dominion1year 147days
756455  Dominion, Lidtsentude1year 147days
756410  [corbell], _tak_tak_tak_1year 148days
756458  Balordo, yzerdunn1year 148days
756462  Dominion, yzerdunn1year 148days
756459  buddy1, yzerdunn1year 149days
756450  _tak_tak_tak_, Lidtsentude1year 150days
754649 HagenvTronje, blinkinhek, darwinsbulldog, derekticus1year 151days
756420  Lidtsentude, Balordo1year 152days
756414  yzerdunn, _tak_tak_tak_1year 152days
756437  Balordo, derekticus1year 152days
756422  _tak_tak_tak_, buddy11year 153days
756452  buddy1, Lidtsentude1year 155days
756424  corbell, buddy11year 155days
756451  Balordo, Lidtsentude1year 158days
756417  corbell, Balordo1year 158days
756415  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo1year 159days
756448  Lidtsentude, Dominion1year 159days
756426  Dominion, buddy11year 159days
756409  buddy1, _tak_tak_tak_1year 159days
756444  Balordo, Dominion1year 159days
756427  Lidtsentude, buddy11year 160days
756412  Dominion, _tak_tak_tak_1year 160days
756445  buddy1, Dominion1year 161days
756421  yzerdunn, Balordo1year 162days
756419  Dominion, Balordo1year 162days
756430  Balordo, corbell1year 162days
756443  _tak_tak_tak_, Dominion1year 162days
756408  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_1year 163days
756423  Balordo, buddy11year 164days
756416  buddy1, Balordo1year 164days
755694 KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, MajorTom, Freebooter1year 165days
755764 Balordo, derekticus1year 168days
754332 Pooka, HagenvTronje, Balordo, Swanto1year 188days
752006 HagenvTronje, mkiever, jshushasn, FurryGut1year 211days
750621 donjuan, jshushasn, Pooka, stormwalker, slatersteve, Lidtsentude, Electro, dcronin19811year 212days
752909 HagenvTronje, Pooka, Azzarc, Shiraz681year 213days
751838 Pooka, HagenvTronje, derekticus, SBGrad1year 231days
752207 HagenvTronje, cannonfodder, Pooka, Swanto1year 233days
752206 Pooka, Balordo, Galland, mvrichthofen1year 235days
746461 stormwalker, SBGrad, donjuan, HagenvTronje, Balordo, LtShady, [Brier], TK4221year 277days
749241 scumbunny, skyeyes, SBGrad, MajorTom1year 285days
749242 Swanto, derekticus1year 305days
747031 Dominion, derekticus, SBGrad, donjuan, Shiraz68, DarknessEternal, Balordo, bbauska1year 306days
746827 Galland, HagenvTronje, mkiever, JakobSperling, Balordo, Shiraz68, Electro, bbauska1year 310days
749009 Swanto, Galland1year 316days
748195 Swanto, Galland1year 320days
748273 skyeyes, Swanto1year 327days
748196 Swanto, Galland1year 330days
747867 Swanto, derekticus1year 335days
747866 HagenvTronje, Swanto1year 336days
745630 Lufbery, Galland1year 338days
747411 skyeyes, Swanto1year 343days
747402 Galland, skyeyes1year 348days
746038 Balordo, Swanto, bthanse, KapteinKnutsen1year 353days
743641  Zarch, Dominion, Johntheboring, ARFERMIX, dcr66, Swanto, archdukecharles, BlackJoke2years 9days
745441 Swanto, derekticus2years 11days
745442 derekticus, Swanto2years 12days
743633  dcr66, archdukecharles, ARFERMIX, Johntheboring, Zarch, BlackJoke, Dominion, Swanto2years 12days
743640  [Zarch], ARFERMIX, archdukecharles, Johntheboring, Swanto, BlackJoke, dcr66, Dominion2years 14days
743635  Dominion, ARFERMIX, BlackJoke, Swanto, archdukecharles, dcr66, Johntheboring, [Zarch]2years 14days
743643  archdukecharles, Johntheboring, Swanto, BlackJoke, Dominion, Zarch, ARFERMIX, dcr662years 14days
743638  Swanto, archdukecharles, Zarch, Dominion, Johntheboring, ARFERMIX, BlackJoke, dcr662years 19days
743632  dcr66, Johntheboring, Dominion, ARFERMIX, BlackJoke, Swanto, Zarch, archdukecharles2years 20days
743630  BlackJoke, Dominion, dcr66, archdukecharles, ARFERMIX, Johntheboring, Swanto, Zarch2years 21days
743636  Johntheboring, Zarch, Swanto, dcr66, Dominion, archdukecharles, ARFERMIX, BlackJoke2years 23days
743645  ARFERMIX, Swanto, Zarch, dcr66, Johntheboring, archdukecharles, BlackJoke, Dominion2years 25days
743642  archdukecharles, BlackJoke, ARFERMIX, Swanto, Zarch, dcr66, Dominion, Johntheboring2years 25days
743631  BlackJoke, Zarch, archdukecharles, Dominion, Swanto, ARFERMIX, dcr66, Johntheboring2years 25days
743644  ARFERMIX, dcr66, BlackJoke, Zarch, archdukecharles, Dominion, Johntheboring, Swanto2years 28days
743634  Dominion, Swanto, Johntheboring, BlackJoke, dcr66, Zarch, archdukecharles, ARFERMIX2years 28days
743639  Swanto, dcr66, Dominion, archdukecharles, BlackJoke, Johntheboring, Zarch, ARFERMIX2years 28days
743637  Johntheboring, BlackJoke, dcr66, Zarch, ARFERMIX, Dominion, Swanto, archdukecharles2years 31days
744286 Mordrig, diplomacydave2years 32days
744276 KapteinKnutsen, usgrant2years 32days
742545 SteadyJeff, Shiraz68, donjuan, Streaker, SBGrad, Pooka, jesmith29, jimdove2years 37days
742914 Longneck, KapteinKnutsen2years 39days
741939 jesmith29, MajorTom, Erniesgone, HagenvTronje, ARFERMIX, Pooka, donjuan, MD80_ESP2years 52days
731569  tic4447, [Hormel], [JPortman], BlueFalcon, [DocGoss], Spinal-Tap, Balordo, CaptainBlood2years 68days
740965 andrewpov, Electro2years 73days
741161 Swanto, HagenvTronje, SBGrad, Recon2years 80days
738398 Pooka, ARFERMIX, mgm1965, JoeKano2years 80days
740572 HagenvTronje, rogerbowerman2years 87days
740251 GrapeShooter2, Korba, Calvinandhobbs, andrewpov2years 88days
739924 donjuan, Balordo, mvrichthofen, Aumbob2years 88days
740532 rogerbowerman, csg17762years 90days
731573  BlueFalcon, Spinal-Tap, tic4447, DocGoss, [JPortman], Balordo, CaptainBlood, Hormel2years 92days
739698 Calvinandhobbs, andrewpov2years 96days
737764 bobnap, papabrett, Freebooter, Aumbob, Dominion, Electro, Balordo, Erniesgone2years 103days
737762 Balordo, Aumbob, BobLittle, life19692years 104days
737097 Erniesgone, BigRich, Pooka, JohnG602years 111days
731558  CaptainBlood, Hormel, DocGoss, Balordo, BlueFalcon, [JPortman], Spinal-Tap, tic44472years 117days
737112 HagenvTronje, JakobSperling, buddy1, BigRich2years 131days
736270 Vezna, CaptVimes2years 137days
735361 dcronin1981, Erniesgone, neelorath, JakobSperling, Pooka, Shiraz68, tvanhare, life19692years 141days
736271 CaptVimes, Vezna2years 141days
733655 Erniesgone, Dash1643, mlev276, Pooka, jshushasn, tvanhare, TK422, JakobSperling2years 150days
731560  DocGoss, [JPortman], Hormel, BlueFalcon, CaptainBlood, Spinal-Tap, tic4447, Balordo2years 151days
731572  BlueFalcon, DocGoss, CaptainBlood, tic4447, Balordo, Hormel, [JPortman], Spinal-Tap2years 153days
731566  Spinal-Tap, Balordo, tic4447, Hormel, [JPortman], BlueFalcon, CaptainBlood, DocGoss2years 153days
731565  [JPortman], CaptainBlood, DocGoss, tic4447, BlueFalcon, Hormel, Spinal-Tap, Balordo2years 157days
731570  Balordo, CaptainBlood, BlueFalcon, Spinal-Tap, tic4447, DocGoss, Hormel, [JPortman]2years 159days
731559  CaptainBlood, tic4447, Balordo, Hormel, Spinal-Tap, BlueFalcon, DocGoss, [JPortman]2years 166days
731564  [JPortman], tic4447, Spinal-Tap, DocGoss, Hormel, Balordo, BlueFalcon, CaptainBlood2years 166days
731563  Hormel, BlueFalcon, CaptainBlood, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, DocGoss, [JPortman], tic44472years 167days
731571  Balordo, [JPortman], Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood, Hormel, tic4447, BlueFalcon, DocGoss2years 173days
731567  Spinal-Tap, DocGoss, Hormel, Balordo, CaptainBlood, [JPortman], tic4447, BlueFalcon2years 173days
731561  DocGoss, Balordo, BlueFalcon, [JPortman], tic4447, CaptainBlood, Hormel, Spinal-Tap2years 173days
731568  tic4447, BlueFalcon, Balordo, [JPortman], Spinal-Tap, CaptainBlood, DocGoss, Hormel2years 174days
731562  Hormel, Spinal-Tap, [JPortman], CaptainBlood, DocGoss, tic4447, Balordo, BlueFalcon2years 177days
730859 MajorTom, TomSawyer2years 182days
730048 HagenvTronje, jshushasn, corbell, duster, tvanhare, slatersteve, Erniesgone, [Balordo]2years 189days
732200 Balordo, BobLittle2years 200days
729376 [samsonavion], scotireb2years 216days
726220 Erniesgone, Balordo, Bluestone28, Flounder, CraigMeister, jshushasn, duster, Shiraz682years 218days
716897  yzerdunn, dkalenda, dcr66, Vezna, wheelnut, Dominion, Flashrock, Spinal-Tap2years 238days
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