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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
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791907 ElCaiman, Grosnounou, SBGrad, Nerzenjaeger, IvanGrozny, guilduinus, Xaramis, Gilbert14h 43'
791906 ElCaiman, guilduinus, neelorath, Nerzenjaeger, levenezu, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, Gardensnake4h 19'
791905 ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, SBGrad, Gardensnake, levenezu, guilduinus, Xaramis, Johntheboring4h 38'
791904 ElCaiman, guilduinus, Xaramis, KapteinKnutsen, levenezu, IvanGrozny, Gardensnake, Bluestone2822h 47'
791902 IvanGrozny, guilduinus, Dominion, Gardensnake, ElCaiman, levenezu, Xaramis, KapteinKnutsen18h 7'
791901 guilduinus, Xaramis, scorpiorocks, Balordo, ElCaiman, levenezu, IvanGrozny, neelorath4h 18'
791900 guilduinus, Xaramis, Nerzenjaeger, neelorath, ElCaiman, levenezu, Bluestone28, IvanGrozny17h 28'
791899 Bluestone28, Electro, IvanGrozny, Gilbert, ElCaiman, shermanguy, levenezu, guilduinus2days 7h
790905 FurryGut, [Shackleton]35days 10h
787643  Xaramis, [CaptainFolith], _tak_tak_tak_, IvanGrozny, stanislaw63, DocGoss, ElCaiman, higheagle46days
787642  stanislaw63, ElCaiman, higheagle, _tak_tak_tak_, DocGoss, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, [CaptainFolith]45days 18h
787639  IvanGrozny, Xaramis, stanislaw63, ElCaiman, higheagle, _tak_tak_tak_, [CaptainFolith], DocGoss45days 17h
787636  ElCaiman, _tak_tak_tak_, [CaptainFolith], IvanGrozny, Xaramis, DocGoss, higheagle, stanislaw6345days 17h
Last 100 ended games
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
789889 derekticus, guilduinus, levenezu, Gardensnake9days 14h
789048  levenezu, SirLindsley, Panzerpod, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, YvesL, calducho7613days 20h
789056  YvesL, ElCaiman, calducho76, SirLindsley, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, levenezu, Panzerpod17days 17h
789060  ElCaiman, levenezu, IvanGrozny, YvesL, calducho76, Panzerpod, SirLindsley, Xaramis25days 22h
789047  IvanGrozny, YvesL, calducho76, Panzerpod, Xaramis, ElCaiman, levenezu, SirLindsley26days 17h
789058  calducho76, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, Xaramis, YvesL, levenezu, Panzerpod, SirLindsley29days 13h
789059  calducho76, SirLindsley, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, Panzerpod, YvesL, ElCaiman, levenezu30days 16h
789053  SirLindsley, IvanGrozny, levenezu, YvesL, ElCaiman, Panzerpod, Xaramis, calducho7633days 15h
787645  _tak_tak_tak_, DocGoss, CaptainFolith, stanislaw63, Xaramis, ElCaiman, higheagle, IvanGrozny36days 13h
789049  levenezu, calducho76, ElCaiman, SirLindsley, YvesL, IvanGrozny, Panzerpod, Xaramis38days 4h
789054  Xaramis, calducho76, YvesL, Panzerpod, SirLindsley, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, levenezu40days 20h
789050  Panzerpod, Xaramis, SirLindsley, IvanGrozny, levenezu, YvesL, calducho76, ElCaiman44days 13h
787648  CaptainFolith, stanislaw63, Xaramis, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, _tak_tak_tak_, DocGoss, higheagle45days 9h
789051  Panzerpod, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, calducho76, levenezu, SirLindsley, YvesL46days 8h
789052  SirLindsley, YvesL, Xaramis, levenezu, Panzerpod, calducho76, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny47days 12h
787637  higheagle, stanislaw63, IvanGrozny, DocGoss, ElCaiman, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainFolith48days 12h
789057  YvesL, Panzerpod, SirLindsley, ElCaiman, levenezu, Xaramis, calducho76, IvanGrozny49days 18h
789046  IvanGrozny, Panzerpod, levenezu, calducho76, ElCaiman, SirLindsley, Xaramis, YvesL50days 14h
787638  higheagle, CaptainFolith, DocGoss, stanislaw63, _tak_tak_tak_, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis54days 17h
789061  ElCaiman, Xaramis, YvesL, levenezu, SirLindsley, calducho76, IvanGrozny, Panzerpod54days 23h
787644  Xaramis, higheagle, IvanGrozny, CaptainFolith, ElCaiman, stanislaw63, _tak_tak_tak_, DocGoss56days 13h
787634  DocGoss, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, higheagle, stanislaw63, CaptainFolith, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny57days 9h
789055  Xaramis, levenezu, Panzerpod, calducho76, IvanGrozny, SirLindsley, YvesL, ElCaiman57days 12h
787640  IvanGrozny, DocGoss, ElCaiman, Xaramis, CaptainFolith, higheagle, stanislaw63, _tak_tak_tak_61days
787633  DocGoss, higheagle, ElCaiman, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainFolith, IvanGrozny, stanislaw63, Xaramis62days 19h
787641  stanislaw63, _tak_tak_tak_, Xaramis, higheagle, IvanGrozny, CaptainFolith, DocGoss, ElCaiman73days 16h
787646  _tak_tak_tak_, IvanGrozny, stanislaw63, DocGoss, higheagle, Xaramis, CaptainFolith, ElCaiman79days 18h
787635  ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, higheagle, CaptainFolith, DocGoss, stanislaw63, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_80days 19h
787647  CaptainFolith, ElCaiman, DocGoss, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, higheagle, IvanGrozny, stanislaw6384days 6h
788911 FurryGut, levenezu84days 23h
786768  _tak_tak_tak_, ElCaiman, dkalenda, Vezna, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, Panzerpod, Spinal-Tap85days 5h
786757  ElCaiman, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, Panzerpod, Vezna, dkalenda, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap94days 22h
783421 IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, donjuan, Dominion, Xaramis, TaomanTom, FragataXVIII, calducho7695days 12h
786758  IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, Panzerpod, dkalenda, ElCaiman, Vezna, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_97days 2h
786766  Xaramis, dkalenda, _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Panzerpod97days 2h
786765  Vezna, IvanGrozny, Panzerpod, _tak_tak_tak_, ElCaiman, Spinal-Tap, Xaramis, [dkalenda]103days 17h
786770  [dkalenda], IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, Panzerpod, Spinal-Tap, Vezna107days 10h
786769  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, ElCaiman, Panzerpod, Xaramis, [dkalenda], IvanGrozny107days 17h
781481 shermanguy, [Flashrock], Bluestone28, Zacchio, Johntheboring, [M1kel], donjuan, [Drek71]108days 5h
786761  Panzerpod, dkalenda, ElCaiman, Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, Xaramis114days 9h
786764  Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_, Xaramis, Panzerpod, Spinal-Tap, dkalenda, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny114days 22h
786771  dkalenda, Vezna, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_, ElCaiman, Panzerpod115days 10h
786767  Xaramis, Panzerpod, Spinal-Tap, dkalenda, IvanGrozny, Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_, ElCaiman116days 13h
786762  Spinal-Tap, Xaramis, Vezna, IvanGrozny, Panzerpod, _tak_tak_tak_, dkalenda, ElCaiman117days 15h
786763  Spinal-Tap, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, dkalenda, Panzerpod, Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_118days 9h
785554  Balordo, ElCaiman, CaptainFolith, Vezna, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen, Lidtsentude120days 12h
786756  ElCaiman, Panzerpod, IvanGrozny, _tak_tak_tak_, dkalenda, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, Xaramis120days 23h
786759  IvanGrozny, _tak_tak_tak_, dkalenda, Spinal-Tap, Xaramis, ElCaiman, Panzerpod, Vezna120days 23h
785042 donjuan, Mortalizam, Panzerpod, guilduinus, 99thmike, CaptainFolith, bkbb214, TaomanTom122days 12h
786760  Panzerpod, Vezna, Spinal-Tap, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, dkalenda123days 12h
785542  ElCaiman, KapteinKnutsen, IvanGrozny, Balordo, CaptainFolith, Lidtsentude, Vezna, Xaramis123days 12h
783418 IvanGrozny, calducho76, Shiraz68, FragataXVIII, Xaramis, ElCaiman, [AdmiraldeGrasse], Bluestone28124days 16h
785548  Lidtsentude, Xaramis, Vezna, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, CaptainFolith, ElCaiman125days 16h
787051 DocGoss, Swanto127days 14h
785250 99thmike, mkiever, Milutinac, Dominion128days 16h
783416 Xaramis, ElCaiman, sven_r, FragataXVIII, IvanGrozny, Bluestone28, Shiraz68, GloriosoXVIII130days 10h
783414 Xaramis, donjuan, Gilbert, Electro, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, TaomanTom, [AdmiraldeGrasse]131days 14h
785557  CaptainFolith, Vezna, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, Lidtsentude, Balordo, ElCaiman, KapteinKnutsen133days 14h
780197  BlackJoke, ElCaiman, CaptainBlood, JustGary, Xaramis, [Flashrock], GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny133days 18h
785551  Vezna, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, ElCaiman, Lidtsentude, Xaramis, CaptainFolith135days 13h
785543  ElCaiman, Xaramis, Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Vezna, CaptainFolith, IvanGrozny, Lidtsentude135days 13h
785547  KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, ElCaiman, Vezna, Balordo, IvanGrozny, Lidtsentude, Xaramis135days 18h
785549  Lidtsentude, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, CaptainFolith, KapteinKnutsen, Vezna, Balordo136days 9h
785544  IvanGrozny, Lidtsentude, KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, ElCaiman, Vezna, Xaramis, Balordo136days 18h
785553  Xaramis, KapteinKnutsen, Lidtsentude, CaptainFolith, IvanGrozny, Vezna, Balordo, ElCaiman137days 9h
784380 Gilbert, KapteinKnutsen, Dominion, MajorTom137days 21h
785552  Xaramis, CaptainFolith, Balordo, Lidtsentude, Vezna, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen138days 12h
783417 ElCaiman, donjuan, mkiever, Dominion, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, FragataXVIII, GloriosoXVIII140days 3h
785546  KapteinKnutsen, Vezna, Lidtsentude, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, Balordo, CaptainFolith141days 11h
785550  Vezna, Balordo, Xaramis, KapteinKnutsen, Lidtsentude, CaptainFolith, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny141days 11h
785556  CaptainFolith, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, Xaramis, Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Lidtsentude, Vezna149days 15h
785555  Balordo, Lidtsentude, Vezna, ElCaiman, KapteinKnutsen, Xaramis, CaptainFolith, IvanGrozny149days 15h
779725 Chouxpomme, [rvguegn], M1kel, Recon, atomzero, Gilbert, Lidtsentude, guilduinus155days 10h
783419 IvanGrozny, Xaramis, mkiever, Panzerpod, ElCaiman, Bluestone28, FragataXVIII, GloriosoXVIII155days 12h
780637 Chouxpomme, Balordo, Swanto, Dominion155days 14h
785545  IvanGrozny, Balordo, CaptainFolith, Lidtsentude, Xaramis, ElCaiman, KapteinKnutsen, Vezna158days 19h
783415 Xaramis, rocknroller99, Bluestone28, mkiever, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, FragataXVIII, GloriosoXVIII160days 23h
785172 rocknroller99, life1969180days 16h
783420 IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, Bluestone28, Panzerpod, Xaramis, FragataXVIII, GloriosoXVIII, mkiever197days 20h
782595 VETERAN, mkiever249days 14h
779501 Chouxpomme, donjuan, guilduinus, Bluestone28, atomzero, Balordo, bkbb214, Lidtsentude263days 15h
780199  CaptainBlood, Flashrock, ElCaiman, Xaramis, BlackJoke, GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny, JustGary273days 7h
780193  JustGary, BlackJoke, Xaramis, GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman, Flashrock275days 20h
780185  ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII, Flashrock, BlackJoke, CaptainBlood, IvanGrozny, JustGary, Xaramis278days 6h
780195  Xaramis, CaptainBlood, BlackJoke, IvanGrozny, JustGary, ElCaiman, Flashrock, GloriosoXVIII278days 12h
780191  IvanGrozny, Xaramis, JustGary, Flashrock, GloriosoXVIII, BlackJoke, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman280days 11h
779039 rocknroller99, Ralan, atomzero, wazzledazzle, bkbb214, mkiever, jshushasn, donjuan281days 21h
780189  GloriosoXVIII, JustGary, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, Flashrock, Xaramis, BlackJoke, CaptainBlood284days 8h
780190  GloriosoXVIII, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman, JustGary, BlackJoke, Flashrock, IvanGrozny, Xaramis285days 5h
780200  CaptainBlood, JustGary, Xaramis, Flashrock, IvanGrozny, BlackJoke, ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII286days 21h
780188  Flashrock, BlackJoke, CaptainBlood, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII, JustGary287days 5h
780137  ElCaiman, Xaramis, Balordo, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, BlackJoke, GloriosoXVIII, KapteinKnutsen289days 10h
780194  JustGary, Flashrock, GloriosoXVIII, BlackJoke, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, CaptainBlood290days 4h
780196  Xaramis, GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny, CaptainBlood, Flashrock, JustGary, BlackJoke, ElCaiman291days 14h
780139  GloriosoXVIII, Balordo, BlackJoke, KapteinKnutsen, Xaramis, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap291days 19h
780186  ElCaiman, Xaramis, BlackJoke, GloriosoXVIII, JustGary, CaptainBlood, Flashrock, IvanGrozny291days 20h
780140  IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen, ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII, Xaramis, Balordo, BlackJoke293days
780142  KapteinKnutsen, Xaramis, Spinal-Tap, GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny, Balordo, BlackJoke, ElCaiman293days 10h
780138  GloriosoXVIII, KapteinKnutsen, IvanGrozny, BlackJoke, ElCaiman, Spinal-Tap, Xaramis, Balordo293days 13h
780198  BlackJoke, IvanGrozny, JustGary, ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII, Xaramis, CaptainBlood, Flashrock293days 13h
780187  Flashrock, IvanGrozny, GloriosoXVIII, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman, JustGary, Xaramis, BlackJoke293days 21h
780149  Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Spinal-Tap, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, BlackJoke, GloriosoXVIII294days 19h
780145  Spinal-Tap, GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny, Balordo, ElCaiman, KapteinKnutsen, Xaramis, BlackJoke294days 19h
780144  Spinal-Tap, Balordo, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen, BlackJoke, ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII296days 22h
780141  IvanGrozny, BlackJoke, ElCaiman, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, GloriosoXVIII, KapteinKnutsen, Xaramis297days 17h
780146  Xaramis, BlackJoke, Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Spinal-Tap, ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny298days 14h
780136  ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, GloriosoXVIII, Balordo, BlackJoke, KapteinKnutsen, Spinal-Tap, Xaramis298days 18h
780143  KapteinKnutsen, ElCaiman, GloriosoXVIII, Xaramis, BlackJoke, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, Balordo298days 19h
780151  BlackJoke, Spinal-Tap, Xaramis, GloriosoXVIII, KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny299days 10h
779724 Chouxpomme, atomzero, guilduinus, M1kel300days 10h
780150  BlackJoke, GloriosoXVIII, ElCaiman, Xaramis, Balordo, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen, Spinal-Tap300days 12h
780192  IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, Flashrock, Xaramis, CaptainBlood, GloriosoXVIII, JustGary, BlackJoke301days 14h
777820  rvguegn, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, JustGary, Xaramis, Balordo301days 21h
780147  Xaramis, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen, BlackJoke, GloriosoXVIII, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, ElCaiman304days 10h
780148  Balordo, ElCaiman, BlackJoke, Spinal-Tap, Xaramis, GloriosoXVIII, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen306days 12h
779506 Chouxpomme, BlackJoke, rocknroller99, SBGrad311days
777814  ElCaiman, _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo, JustGary, Xaramis, CaptainBlood, IvanGrozny, rvguegn328days 7h
777812  CaptainBlood, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, IvanGrozny, rvguegn, Balordo, ElCaiman, JustGary332days
777823  _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, Balordo, rvguegn, Xaramis, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, JustGary334days 18h
777819  rvguegn, _tak_tak_tak_, Xaramis, IvanGrozny, JustGary, Balordo, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman336days 2h
777825  Balordo, ElCaiman, CaptainBlood, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, IvanGrozny, JustGary, rvguegn336days 19h
777813  ElCaiman, JustGary, IvanGrozny, Balordo, CaptainBlood, rvguegn, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_336days 19h
777816  IvanGrozny, Balordo, CaptainBlood, rvguegn, _tak_tak_tak_, ElCaiman, JustGary, Xaramis339days
777826  Balordo, rvguegn, Xaramis, ElCaiman, JustGary, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood, IvanGrozny342days 4h
777821  Xaramis, Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_, JustGary, rvguegn, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny343days 9h
777824  _tak_tak_tak_, JustGary, rvguegn, CaptainBlood, IvanGrozny, Xaramis, Balordo, ElCaiman344days 10h
777817  JustGary, Xaramis, rvguegn, ElCaiman, IvanGrozny, _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo, CaptainBlood346days 17h
777811  CaptainBlood, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo, JustGary, rvguegn, Xaramis346days 19h
777818  JustGary, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman, Xaramis, Balordo, IvanGrozny, rvguegn, _tak_tak_tak_346days 23h
777822  Xaramis, IvanGrozny, JustGary, Balordo, ElCaiman, rvguegn, _tak_tak_tak_, CaptainBlood348days 18h
777815  IvanGrozny, rvguegn, JustGary, CaptainBlood, ElCaiman, Xaramis, _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo349days 15h
778065 Electro, Balordo, guilduinus, mkiever356days 13h
778547 Galland, guilduinus359days 21h
777165 Swanto, derekticus1year 28days
777166 derekticus, Swanto1year 34days
774550 M1kel, Korba, _tak_tak_tak_, barea1813, IvanGrozny, calducho76, Electro, SBGrad1year 51days
775272 Galland, [life1969]1year 55days
776236 dbd31463, rocknroller991year 57days
773073 SlotraceDK, rocknroller99, M1kel, GrapeShooter2, Brier, donjuan, Lidtsentude, scorpiorocks1year 64days
775535 KapteinKnutsen, Galland1year 64days
773828 ARFERMIX, dcr66, Balordo, Lidtsentude, Brier, derekticus, bkbb214, Dominion1year 65days
772790 _tak_tak_tak_, Lidtsentude, donjuan, neelorath, SlotraceDK, rocknroller99, Shiraz68, Crixus1year 84days
771110 Shiraz68, SBGrad, Dominion, calducho76, ElCaiman, neelorath, bkbb214, M1kel1year 87days
772787 Lidtsentude, rocknroller99, SlotraceDK, donjuan1year 98days
772105  dkalenda, [taurusdeth], Swanto, Dominion1year 105days
772113  Spinal-Tap, 14bis, Vezna, Swanto1year 115days
772088  dkalenda, 14bis, Dominion, Spinal-Tap1year 123days
772087  Spinal-Tap, [taurusdeth], Dominion, dkalenda1year 127days
773093 Swanto, derekticus1year 128days
772109  Dominion, Vezna, [taurusdeth], Spinal-Tap1year 128days
772093  Vezna, Dominion, dkalenda, 14bis1year 128days
772108  Vezna, Swanto, 14bis, Balordo1year 130days
772110  dkalenda, Vezna, 14bis, Swanto1year 130days
772094  [taurusdeth], Dominion, Spinal-Tap, Balordo1year 131days
772083  Dominion, Swanto, dkalenda, Balordo1year 131days
772096  Spinal-Tap, dkalenda, Swanto, [taurusdeth]1year 134days
772102  14bis, Swanto, [taurusdeth], Dominion1year 135days
772082  Dominion, 14bis, Balordo, taurusdeth1year 135days
772084  Balordo, Vezna, dkalenda, Dominion1year 135days
772101  Balordo, Swanto, Spinal-Tap, dkalenda1year 135days
772085  Swanto, Balordo, 14bis, [taurusdeth]1year 135days
772090  Swanto, dkalenda, Dominion, 14bis1year 135days
772100  Swanto, Dominion, taurusdeth, Vezna1year 135days
772107  Balordo, Dominion, 14bis, Vezna1year 137days
772106  Balordo, taurusdeth, Vezna, Spinal-Tap1year 138days
772091  Swanto, Vezna, Spinal-Tap, Dominion1year 140days
772092  Dominion, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, Swanto1year 141days
772112  14bis, taurusdeth, Balordo, dkalenda1year 142days
772099  Vezna, Balordo, taurusdeth, Swanto1year 142days
772097  14bis, Spinal-Tap, Dominion, Balordo1year 142days
772086  Spinal-Tap, Balordo, dkalenda, Vezna1year 144days
772104  taurusdeth, Spinal-Tap, Vezna, 14bis1year 144days
772098  Vezna, Spinal-Tap, Swanto, dkalenda1year 146days
772111  dkalenda, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, 14bis1year 148days
772095  taurusdeth, 14bis, Swanto, Spinal-Tap1year 148days
772089  taurusdeth, dkalenda, Balordo, Vezna1year 151days
772103  14bis, dkalenda, Vezna, taurusdeth1year 151days
771092 fantassin, kingpri1year 173days
770265 rsimcox, keelhaul231year 181days
770176 derekticus, argeleb, scorpiorocks, dcr661year 188days
767644 rocknroller99, Panzerpod, [cannonfodder], neelorath, TaomanTom, jhrobin2, bkbb214, Lobster241year 190days
768964  Vezna, _tak_tak_tak_1year 199days
769007  _tak_tak_tak_, [Vezna]1year 202days
768993  _tak_tak_tak_, [dkalenda]1year 202days
769010  buddy1, Vezna1year 211days
768996  buddy1, dkalenda1year 214days
768962  dkalenda, _tak_tak_tak_1year 215days
768994  14bis, dkalenda1year 216days
768958  14bis, _tak_tak_tak_1year 217days
768963  Spinal-Tap, _tak_tak_tak_1year 218days
769008  14bis, Vezna1year 218days
768992  Vezna, dcr661year 218days
769011  dcr66, Vezna1year 218days
768998  Spinal-Tap, dkalenda1year 218days
768985  Vezna, buddy11year 218days
768997  dcr66, dkalenda1year 220days
768982  dcr66, buddy11year 220days
768971  Vezna, 14bis1year 220days
769013  Spinal-Tap, Vezna1year 220days
769001  14bis, Spinal-Tap1year 220days
769005  dkalenda, Spinal-Tap1year 221days
768983  dkalenda, buddy11year 221days
768969  dkalenda, 14bis1year 221days
769006  Vezna, Spinal-Tap1year 222days
768980  14bis, buddy11year 223days
769000  _tak_tak_tak_, Spinal-Tap1year 225days
768968  dcr66, 14bis1year 226days
769004  dcr66, Spinal-Tap1year 226days
768984  Spinal-Tap, buddy11year 226days
768990  dkalenda, dcr661year 226days
768987  14bis, dcr661year 226days
768989  buddy1, dcr661year 226days
768960  buddy1, _tak_tak_tak_1year 227days
768970  Spinal-Tap, 14bis1year 228days
768995  Balordo, dkalenda1year 228days
769003  buddy1, Spinal-Tap1year 228days
769009  Balordo, Vezna1year 228days
768976  dkalenda, Balordo1year 228days
768967  buddy1, 14bis1year 229days
768966  Balordo, 14bis1year 229days
768961  dcr66, _tak_tak_tak_1year 229days
768965  _tak_tak_tak_, 14bis1year 229days
768979  _tak_tak_tak_, buddy11year 229days
768999  Vezna, dkalenda1year 230days
769012  dkalenda, Vezna1year 230days
768986  _tak_tak_tak_, dcr661year 230days
768973  14bis, Balordo1year 230days
768978  Vezna, Balordo1year 230days
768974  buddy1, Balordo1year 231days
768959  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_1year 232days
768972  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo1year 232days
769002  Balordo, Spinal-Tap1year 233days
768981  Balordo, buddy11year 233days
768977  Spinal-Tap, Balordo1year 233days
768991  Spinal-Tap, dcr661year 234days
768988  Balordo, dcr661year 234days
768975  dcr66, Balordo1year 234days
766300 Lidtsentude, rocknroller99, Dominion, mkiever, bkbb214, tvanhare, Electro, donjuan1year 243days
764958 Gardensnake, Waffen, 14bis, Panzerpod1year 253days
767027 rocknroller99, bkbb214, mkiever, tvanhare1year 267days
767600 scotireb, SComtesse1year 268days
766460 Balordo, rocknroller991year 302days
766170 Swanto, life19691year 311days
766032 derekticus, rel00941year 311days
766040 KapteinKnutsen, scotireb1year 323days
765845 KapteinKnutsen, life19691year 325days
765049 derekticus, 14bis1year 330days
765048 Dominion, 14bis1year 339days
764957 KapteinKnutsen, argeleb1year 341days
763256 Swanto, Calxx552years 26days
762547 Waffen, life19692years 29days
760390 [cannonfodder], derekticus2years 55days
757145 KapteinKnutsen, [SirLindsley], Longneck, derekticus, jadthegrey, georgekatkins, bbauska, SLOTerp2years 77days
761357 Swanto, rocknroller992years 86days
760625 Blune, Balordo, Shiraz68, Bluestone282years 99days
761133 Balordo, argeleb2years 101days
760556 KapteinKnutsen, [life1969]2years 103days
760602 derekticus, Panzerpod2years 104days
760328 Swanto, derekticus2years 106days
760327 SBGrad, derekticus, Panzerpod, rocknroller992years 109days
757146 jadthegrey, georgekatkins, bbauska, SLOTerp, KapteinKnutsen, SirLindsley, Longneck, derekticus2years 126days
756440  Dominion, derekticus2years 129days
756447  derekticus, Dominion2years 129days
759466 Jrgman33, Azzarc2years 130days
759697 Balordo, life19692years 137days
759194 Waffen, HagenvTronje, archdukecharles, Swanto2years 143days
758084 Waffen, life19692years 163days
756463  Lidtsentude, [yzerdunn]2years 168days
756449  [yzerdunn], Dominion2years 170days
756456  [yzerdunn], Lidtsentude2years 170days
756457  _tak_tak_tak_, [yzerdunn]2years 171days
756413  Lidtsentude, _tak_tak_tak_2years 175days
756442  yzerdunn, derekticus2years 184days
756441  Lidtsentude, derekticus2years 184days
756583 buddy1, SBGrad, Garryowen, HagenvTronje, Lobster24, Waffen, Zwalf, Balordo2years 187days
756428  yzerdunn, buddy12years 187days
756411  derekticus, _tak_tak_tak_2years 188days
755962 derekticus, cannonfodder, Waffen, Garryowen2years 190days
756454  derekticus, Lidtsentude2years 192days
756425  derekticus, buddy12years 193days
756461  derekticus, yzerdunn2years 194days
756460  [corbell], yzerdunn2years 194days
756436  _tak_tak_tak_, derekticus2years 194days
756438  buddy1, derekticus2years 195days
756418  derekticus, Balordo2years 195days
756434  Lidtsentude, [corbell]2years 195days
756453  [corbell], Lidtsentude2years 195days
756439  [corbell], derekticus2years 196days
756432  derekticus, [corbell]2years 196days
756429  _tak_tak_tak_, [corbell]2years 197days
756435  yzerdunn, [corbell]2years 197days
756431  buddy1, [corbell]2years 197days
756433  Dominion, [corbell]2years 197days
756446  [corbell], Dominion2years 197days
756455  Dominion, Lidtsentude2years 197days
756410  [corbell], _tak_tak_tak_2years 197days
756458  Balordo, yzerdunn2years 197days
756462  Dominion, yzerdunn2years 197days
756459  buddy1, yzerdunn2years 199days
756450  _tak_tak_tak_, Lidtsentude2years 200days
754649 HagenvTronje, blinkinhek, darwinsbulldog, derekticus2years 201days
756420  Lidtsentude, Balordo2years 201days
756414  yzerdunn, _tak_tak_tak_2years 202days
756437  Balordo, derekticus2years 202days
756422  _tak_tak_tak_, buddy12years 202days
756452  buddy1, Lidtsentude2years 204days
756424  corbell, buddy12years 205days
756451  Balordo, Lidtsentude2years 207days
756417  corbell, Balordo2years 207days
756415  _tak_tak_tak_, Balordo2years 208days
756448  Lidtsentude, Dominion2years 208days
756426  Dominion, buddy12years 208days
756409  buddy1, _tak_tak_tak_2years 209days
756444  Balordo, Dominion2years 209days
756427  Lidtsentude, buddy12years 209days
756412  Dominion, _tak_tak_tak_2years 210days
756445  buddy1, Dominion2years 210days
756421  yzerdunn, Balordo2years 211days
756419  Dominion, Balordo2years 211days
756430  Balordo, corbell2years 212days
756443  _tak_tak_tak_, Dominion2years 212days
756408  Balordo, _tak_tak_tak_2years 212days
756423  Balordo, buddy12years 214days
756416  buddy1, Balordo2years 214days
755694 KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, MajorTom, Freebooter2years 214days
755764 Balordo, derekticus2years 218days
754332 Pooka, HagenvTronje, Balordo, Swanto2years 238days
752006 HagenvTronje, mkiever, jshushasn, FurryGut2years 261days
750621 donjuan, jshushasn, Pooka, stormwalker, slatersteve, Lidtsentude, Electro, dcronin19812years 262days
752909 HagenvTronje, Pooka, Azzarc, Shiraz682years 263days
751838 Pooka, HagenvTronje, derekticus, SBGrad2years 281days
752207 HagenvTronje, cannonfodder, Pooka, Swanto2years 282days
752206 Pooka, Balordo, Galland, mvrichthofen2years 285days
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