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You Play It - Forum message board
In this forum the players can exchange informations and comments on the games they are currently playing or post messages on new board games, card games, wargames, simulations, rpg or any other type of game or toy they like: puzzle, robots, monsters, space toys, lego, marble or even talk about your last barbie doll. Every one can read the messages, but in order to post new messages you must be a registered user. You can even use an RSSReader to follow our RSS feed .
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11h 39' Electro [IDEAS] Player Rating4
5days 6h GraysGhost [BM][IDEAS] Squad chat7
6days 20h derekticus A strong hug to all our French Sisters and brothers.4
18days 14h Ramirez_UgoIuri [OT] Thanks Electro!!5
20days 11h bltzlfsk [CA][BUG] Games still active11
22days 11h Wertzz [BM][IDEAS] Top 10 opponents3
25days 9h shermanguy [OT] These Forums...18
30days 10h Electro [SYS] Error in Blue Max link2
34days 18h imdog [WR][TOUR] League 11935 is waiting for you1
36days 22h mark41974 [BM][HUMOUR] This one is really annoying.... 8
41days 9h gugliandalf [BM][BUG] I could have fired and didn't2
41days 10h bluesmobile [OT] youplay.it has another domain5
44days 16h imdog [SYS] Adding Server Memory - Site down2
48days 21h imdog [SYS] New Server UP!28
49days 11h Electro [WS&IM][BUG] Dead leagues that need to end8
52days 7h gugliandalf [BM][BUG] "Fired" bonus with jammed guns4
55days 21h imdog [BM] Rvenge of the Albie2
59days 4h dcr66 [BM][BUG] Automoving7
61days 11h GraysGhost [BM][BUG] Auto-move not working2
70days 11h Osgard [OT] Donation9
75days 19h GraysGhost [BM][HUMOUR] Never done this before1
78days dcr66 [OT] Donations?2
78days dcr66 [OT] Need Testers!12
80days 17h Viridovix [BM][HUMOUR] 2003
85days 8h Longneck [SCE] Stats issue?2
90days 10h Electro [SYS] Soon3
90days 14h Electro [WS&IM][BUG] grappling/drifting bug?2
99days 18h imdog [OT] A YouPlayer geek of the week9
104days 1h pokerguy [BM][HUMOUR] Vacation1
107days 13h gugliandalf [BM][TOUR] New Tournament27
112days 3h dux33 [SYS] Site hosting34
112days 4h dux33 [CA][SYS] Old games still open3
113days 10h Nasone [OT] happy new year3
122days 15h cannonfodder [IDEAS] Blue Max/ Wooden Ships Iron men Campaign8
163days 5h Electro [BM][OT] Hosting BM2
164days 8h dcr66 [WS&IM][IDEAS] Wind Change2
198days 18h gugliandalf [GZ][TOUR] New league: 117341
223days 11h Bluestone28 [WS&IM][BUG] serveur erro on game # 7936252
233days 22h levenezu [WS&IM][BUG] Server Error3
263days 15h gugliandalf [BM][OT] Phil Hall22
269days 18h imdog [GAMES][OT] Trouble installing games on disc2
281days 2h shermanguy [BM][OT] Come and join our BM league2
288days 18h imdog [BM][TOUR] Automoving3
291days 1h imdog [OT] Happy birthday to Nick1
294days 18h imdog [BM][CHA] Parker's Ultimate Challenge - 4 players version47
318days 3h Dominion [WS&IM][BUG] Getting "Server Error" on game 7909371
324days 17h imdog [BM][SCE] Please allow this 4 scenario in the Tournament Mode3
330days 16h imdog [GZ][TOUR] Join Gonzaga league #115472
334days 9h Electro [SYS] Good news and Bad News :-D19
341days 13h imdog [CA][OT] a non playing player Cartagena - league 112195
346days 2h bltzlfsk [WS&IM][BUG] dices11
360days 21h pokerguy [BM][TOUR] Late War League1
363days 12h DocGoss [WS&IM][OT] League stuck2
1year 5days SirLindsley [GZ][OT] League 115291
1year 19days dux33 [CA][BUG] two stuck games - two stuck leagues2
1year 37days pokerguy [BM][BUG] False 'deflection' fire4
1year 80days Swanto [WS&IM][OT] no melee offered3
1year 84days Fineturno [GZ][TOUR] 2 players tournament begins!1
1year 109days derekticus [WS&IM][OT] Duh, uh8
1year 111days gugliandalf [BM][SYS] Auto moving13

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