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City:Corvallis US
Personal Data:born: June 15 1984
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Subject: Donation
Posted by: dirtyed84 - 259days 22h ago.
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Farmboy wrote:
markrendl wrote:
Osgard wrote:
Hi there. As I enjoy playing here I did donate through PayPal. I used the suggested amount of12\15$. How do I know my donation was received ? Do you receive any confirmation?
Best regards

You may want to email the webmaster directly as I'm not sure how often he monitors the forums. He's pretty good about responding promptly to email though.


Me too on 21/12/16. I've just emailed the webmaster.

Thanks to you all! I was away for the last couple weeks in December and didn't have server access. I just finished getting caught up on badges, if anyone is missing any donations from 2016 please let me know and I will look into it.


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